No Rest For The Wicked

It's Saturday and we all work regular day jobs during the week, but it's still a busy morning here at THE SPIKE Central. No rest for the wicked.

Rebecca Comtois, our director, and Yessical Curiel Montoya, our DP, are hard at work on their Look Book today. Producer/Actress Jennifer Gordon Thomas is location scouting. Many hats here, people. 

We're still looking for some key locations. Specifically: a bio-chem lab. Actually we need 2. One similar to a lab you'd find on a university campus, and another slightly more tricked out lab. We also need a an apartment location for our protagonist, Iris, and a bar.

So, if anyone has any leads on anything that might fit these bills, please shoot an email to

We can use all the help we can get on this one.