Hi, Jennifer Gordon Thomas here. I'm playing the role of Iris in THE SPIKE and I've just read this interview with Ethan Hawke in The Guardian that I found fascinating and of interest to us as we work on our film.

One of the things Hawke talks about in his roles in both the Before movies and Boyhood is how people change over time and/or stay the same, reveal themselves, and how that is tied up in the concept of identity. As Linklatter's movies were all shot over many years, there are obvious physical changes to the actors, but there are internal changes as well. And of course, there are changes to the characters. Or as Hawke puts it "It gets to the essential question of what part of ourself is continuing." 

THE SPIKE takes place over a several year period of time: before, during, and after major world events happen that change the characters...or they are perceived as having changed by those around them, OR they may actually become more "themselves". This has always been a topic of interest to me. Identity and perception. And if you take a look at our screenwriter Mac Rogers' work over the years (for those of you familiar) I think you might find this is of interest to him as well. It's something I've always enjoyed exploring in Mac's work and this time will be no different. 

I'm not going to bore you with a lot of actor pontificating, but it's going to be fun and challenging for all of the actors to traverse these big changes in our characters, over the course of several years, but during a shoot of only 20-25 days. I'm really looking forward to getting to the fun part.