Getting started

It's been a long couple of years, but we're finally getting this ball rolling. But let me back up a bit. In 2008 I acted in short play called "Spike" written by friend and writer, Mac Rogers. I had starred in Mac's glorious play UNIVERSAL ROBOTS in 2007 and pretty much think he's the best writer on the planet. During the short run of SPIKE I said that I thought it would make a good film. I repeated this numerous times, but for some odd reason no one jumped up to offer and make it! 

A couple of years pass, I'm in a stagnant point in my acting, I'm looking for better roles, I'm frustrated at the lack of great roles for women, and I'm fairly pissed off at this point. I started thinking about Mac and what a great writer he is, and how he writes amazing roles for women...and then I asked him if he'd be willing to develop SPIKE with me into a screenplay. He said yes, thankfully. 2 years later and I'm thrilled with the final product.

Now titled THE SPIKE, the script is a fast-paced, high-stakes thriller with wonderful roles for women and, above all, a killer story. 

This blog will follow our adventures as we take the screenplay and turn it into a feature film.

Here we go....