One of the things I love about the script of THE SPIKE is that it has strong roles for women. This is not only important to me because of the current state of films (and theatre)roles available to women,  but is also a big part of Mac's work. When I look at the numbers of female filmmakers, it's easy to get disheartened. I decided I'd really like to work with as many amazing women as I can. There are so many strong, talented women in my pool of friends that it only stands to reason there are many more out there who would be good additions to the crew of THE SPIKE.

To that end, I'm very pleased to announce Rebecca Comtois will be directing the film! Becky hustles like no one I know, she's got clear vision, is extremely collaborative, has the balls to make a film of this scope, and knows genre like nobody's business. 

We're in good hands.