To Feature Or Not To Feature

THE SPIKE has gone through a lot of changes since Mac and I first started meeting and discussing the project. Initially we thought we'd do a short, then we realized the script wanted to be a feature, but then I got cold feet and didn't think we could make a feature of this scope, so I asked Mac if we could try it as a webseries. There was some comfort or safety in being able to do it as a webseries because we'd be in total control. Mac is also a phenomenally gifted writer and I think tv would be a great vehicle for him. If we could fashion the script episodically, it would be great material for him to pitch to network.

All of that changed when Becky and Yessica came on board. The script still really does want to be a feature, and Becky being the balls-to-the-wall lady she is told me as much. "Why are we doing it as a webseries?" I didn't really have a strong enough answer. In my age I've clearly become way too 'safe'. Art should not be safe. Thank god for Becky and Yessica who totally believe (and have convinced me) that we can do this as a feature. We're building a great crew here. The beautiful part is that we've already written the script with little mini cliffhangers all throughout, so we've got a great thrill ride already in place, and very little will need to be done structurally to adapt to a feature. 

Making indie films is not for the faint of heart. We're throwing dice here, but I'm ok with that.