Crowdfunding is a whole job in and of itself. First we need to decide when we're shooting this. We've settled on mid-March through mid-April. Working back from there we need to get our campaign up and running about 6 months that means October. And we're in October. Which means we need to figure out which crowdfunding site we want to use (i.e. Kickstarter, Indiego-go, etc) - I'm leaning toward a site called SEED & SPARK

SEED & SPARK is specifically aimed at crowdfunding for filmmakers, as opposed to Kickstarter, where you can crowdfund anything. What I like about S & S is that they are building a community, they have what is essentially a "registry" so you can tell the people looking at your campaign exactly what you need. This can include anything from equipment to toilet paper. The cool thing about this is that other people looking at your site have the option to not only give money, but to give goods or services that can help you. For example: we need post production work. Someone who runs a post facility sees our campaign, likes it, and offers us 5 hours of post work. That would be amazing! It probably won't *happen*, but I like that it's offered as an option. The other groovy thing about S & S is that their rates are cheaper AND they offer a VOD distribution model. 

So...back to the calendar...once we've picked the site we will use, we need to create our wishlist and create content for the site. We need a KICKASS video that will give viewers an idea of the film we're trying to shoot, how it will look, how it will feel, and we need to pitch the project. If we want to get this up in October, it needs to go up around Oct 21 so that we get our campaign in BEFORE Thanksgiving. I want to do this because Thanksgiving officially starts the "holiday" season, people start to get busy, and people start spending their money on gifts, and "end-of-year-tax-deductible-donations" etc. If we don't get it in before then we'll have to wait until after the New Year when people feel like spending money again. 

The pressure is on.