When I first started seriously considering making THE SPIKE, I was sitting in one of my favorite places: on the beach in Bayville - Long Island. My friend Nancy lives there and it's my favorite spot to relax, hang out with friends, and meditate at the beach. There's this vast body of water right there, waves lapping, seagulls crying, it's very peaceful. I started thinking about all that water and how in THE SPIKE there's a lack of water...and of course Coleridge's "Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink" ran through my head. As the story became more clear in my mind, I knew we'd have to shoot some of this film in Bayville. And so we shall. 

I'm pulling together some ideas for poster art/marketing images, etc, and I'm going to have Deb Alexander and Pete Boisvert help with the images and layout. Deb is a fantastic photographer and Pete a graphics wiz. Together, they've created much of the marketing art for Mac's theatre company, Gideon Productions, over the last few years, and they're both fabulous humans.

We've got to get some images on our website and build a Facebook and Twitter page. Building a following is a huge part of crowdfunding that must be done several months before you open your campaign. Big "To Do" on the ever growing To Do list.