Money, money, money.

We've come to that point in time when we have to talk about in, we need it. We need a lot. Making a movie isn't cheap. This particular movie would probably cost several million to make, if'n we were Hollywood. But we're not. So we're going to try and make it for $200k. That's still A METRIC TON of money by our standards. Mac, Becky and I all come from theatre backgrounds, where we make epic productions on the cheap. That's not going to happen here. We're going to do it as cheaply as we can, but given the scope of the script, we're going to need a fair amount. 

Where are we going to get it? Well, we're going to try some good old fashioned crowdfunding, for a start. In addition we'll be seeking other backers and kind hearted souls who want to help us produce a fantastic thriller. As I said, this is all a throw of the dice. But we're confident.

Most of the money needed, to be fair, is to pay for equipment and our most excellent crew and cast. When I told everyone we'd need at least $200k to make this, everyone gagged a bit. But here's the deal: for years I've watched my artist friends struggle and beg for money in order to provide a service that the average human demands. "Entertain me". The number of times I've done work (lots of work) for FREE is astounding. I cannot, in good conscience, ask my fellow artists to work for free on this film. They need and deserve to be paid. They will get good, hot meals, they will be transported (or have their transportation paid) in order to get to set, and they will be paid to come to work. That's how it's going to be. So...we have to make some money. A good portion of this blog will probably be about us trying to raise money and about the various aspects of crowdfunding and finding backers. 

There is every chance that we won't make enough as we need and this will be a very short story and a short blog. But we've got to move forward like it's going to happen because that's the only way it will. Forward.