It's been awhile since I've posted but we've accomplished a lot. We've decided to push back filming until May. This will ensure that there's no snow on the ground which frankly, after last year, was a serious consideration. This will also buy us more time to properly prep our fundraising campaign and raise other needed monies. I'm actually breathing a bit better because of this choice. We need to take our time and get this done right. Better to push back now and get all of our ducks in a row. Now we will wait to put up the campaign until February.

Another good aspect of pushing back is that it pushes our fundraising campaign into *next* calendar year. When you raise money for crowdfunding you are basically exchanging small gifts,( i.e. DVD's, screenings, etc) goods, or services in exchange for money. The IRS calls this "income" and so you have to pay taxes on the money you raise. Having this money come in on the same calendar year we are shooting makes life a TON easier for tax purposes. Had we decided to raise money this year, we'd have a tax burden arrive April 15, right in the middle of shooting. No good. 

We've also completed principal casting and will be announcing that soon. We've got the website up, in addition to a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, and we've got the short script together for our fundraising video. We're in the midst of readying equipment and people to shoot it. Hope to have that up prior to Thanksgiving. 

If you've been reading and following along, and you're intrigued by the film, please post our website, FB page and twitter feed to your friends/followers. It really takes a village and we can use all the support we can get! THANK YOU!